Top 3 Essential Marketplace Tools Every Online Sellers Would Need

Top 3 essential marketplace tools

We can see how much the eCommerce industry is growing even up till today. Online marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada, eBay, Amazon and many more are quickly developing to keep up with the eCommerce pace. As more enhancements are implemented, managing an online business becomes much more complex.

The demand in these online marketplaces will continuously increase. How can marketplace sellers cope and better manage their online businesses?

Automation and systematic management is the key. There are many marketplace tools available that sellers can leverage on to optimize their online business.

Inventory and Product Listing Management

As an online seller, keeping track and updating stock listings after every order are part and parcel of a business. It may seem doable for a small-scale business. However, when the business starts receiving huge amounts of orders, it will no longer be feasible due to the high workload.

Hence, it’s time for sellers to consider automating their inventory stock updates! Bundle Product is a great feature to use in managing bundle inventories, especially products such as gift sets or promotional bundles. Stop manually calculating your inventory stocks and leave it to SiteGiant’s platform to do it for you.

Apart from that, sellers owning several marketplaces can also enjoy the convenience of handling their products and inventories all through one centralized platform with SiteGiant.

Customer Support

A happy customer will definitely lead you to many more potential customers. Haven’t you heard about the power of word of mouth?

One of the ways to maintain good customer support is by ensuring all customer enquiries are replied on time. SiteGiant MultiChat can help you to keep an eye on all incoming chats from multiple stores. In addition to that, systematically allocate the chats to respective staffs so that no enquiries are missed out!

Account Bookkeeping

Recording all your orders into your accounting system is another important task for your eCommerce business. Yet again another task that takes up a lot of time, effort and is prone to many bookkeeping mistakes. Thus, automating this process would be a wise move!

The SQL Accounting Sync tool does a perfect job to automatically sync all orders into your SQL Accounting software and generate a sales invoice. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about manual input errors again.

These are some of the few tools to look out for in order to improve your eCommerce business efficiency and to continue growing in a fast-paced industry.

SiteGiant also comes with many more features that are great to help speed up your eCommerce fulfillment operation as well as grow your customer base. Chat with our friendly eCommerce consultants to know more!