5 Tips on Using Shopee Chat Broadcast to Recover your Cart Abandonment.


Have you ever encountered situations when a potential customer checks out their Shopee order but doesn’t proceed to pay and complete the purchase? If you have, then it’s time to start looking into cart recovery strategies.

Cart recovery is deemed to be important considering its cost is much lower than the new buyer acquisition cost. Furthermore, the seller knows exactly what the buyer is looking for and can offer personalized deals to close sales.

To reduce Shopee cart abandonment rate, you may consider using the Shopee Chat Broadcast.

What is Shopee Chat Broadcast?

Shopee Chat Broadcast allows Shopee sellers to send chat messages in bulk to customized recipient groups. Instead of sending each and every update to all your followers, you can target specific groups with messages that matter to them. There are three options for you to create your chat broadcasts:

1. Followers or buyers

Sellers can send a broadcast message to shop followers or buyers. Generally, this option is used when sellers are having sales campaigns or new products in their Shopee stores.

2. Pending purchase reminder

If you have any cart abandonment in your Shopee store, you may consider using this option to reach out to buyers who added your products into their cart, but have yet to make payment.

3. Pending review reminder

Collecting more reviews can help to build consumer’s trust. After your buyers have received their orders, you can reach out to buyers who bought your products to remind them to leave a review on your store.

What type of sellers can use Shopee Chat Broadcast?

Currently, the Chat Broadcast feature is only available for sellers that are under Shopee Mall, Priority Seller Programme, RM15 Free Shipping Programme, RM 40 Free Shipping Programme, 10% Cashback Programme and Preferred + Seller Programme.

5 Tips on using Shopee Chat Broadcast to recover abandoned carts.

Currently, the Chat Here are some tips you can follow to broadcast a cart recovery message to your potential buyers.

1. The message should be simple.

Shopee Chat Broadcast message has a character limitation of  500. It is recommended to keep it short to make your message easier to understand.

2. Use emojis in your message.

It is proven that emojis can increase your audience’s engagement and attention. Using an appropriate number of emojis can encourage the audience to read further and make the message more personalized and engaging.

3. Create your message by combining at least two of the following content.

You can combine your text message with products or a promotional tool.  For example, “Buy the products in your cart now to enjoy great savings! 🎉Get more discounts by applying the following vouchers.”

4. Consider offering a voucher.

A voucher can be used as a stimulation to urge buyers to complete their purchase within a certain date. If you are enrolled in Shopee Free Shipping Programme, you may consider offering the Free Shipping voucher to encourage buyers to buy more to be entitled for the free shipping.

5. Preview and check your message before sending out.

Before sending out your broadcast message to your buyers, it is recommended to cross-check the accuracy of your message to make sure there is no grammatical error and typo. If you are using a promotional tool, you would need to check whether the promotion offered to buyers is correct and valid to reduce customer dissatisfaction and business loss.

In conclusion, sellers should consider using Shopee Chat Broadcast to engage with different groups of Shopee buyers in your store. Are you looking for a platform to manage chats from multiple channels in one place? Connect with us and see how our SiteGiant MultiChat can help you to manage your Lazada, Shopee, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chats all through one platform.