Telegram Commerce

Automate and Simplify Your Order Taking Process


Sell on Telegram with 3 simple steps

Create order form

Create and set up your Telegram order form.

Sell on Telegram

Chat with your customers and send them the order form link.

Receive Payment

Once customers make their payment, you’ll get paid.

4 benefits of using Telegram Commerce

Flexibility to Create Your Order Form

You can create multiple order forms based on your customer’s interest and increase the chance for customers to place orders.

Automate Your Order Taking Process

No more manually collecting customer’s order details. All the orders made by the customers via Telegram order form will appear in your store’s order tab.

automate your order taking process on Telegram

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Whenever there is a customer who places an order via Telegram, your inventory will be auto-deducted. Thus, it saves your time from having to manually recalculate your stocks after every purchase.

Save Time from Payment Verification

No more manual verification of customer payments. The order status will be marked as paid once the payment is made via payment gateway.

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