Strategies to Improve and Speed Up Order Fulfillment

speed up order fulfillment

Let’s take a moment and have a look at some of the customer reviews below:

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Customers tend to weigh the quality of a service to how fast their orders can be delivered and mistakes in their orders are not well-tolerated these days. This is especially common in the eCommerce industry. Hence, as sellers, we can only reduce our customers’ dissatisfaction by speeding up the order fulfillment and ensuring the right order reaches the customer.

Experiencing large amounts of orders during huge sales events?

Sales events are also among one of those times when you’ll have to deal with a surge in orders. There’ll be a limit to the number of orders you and your staff can fulfill in a day. Fulfilling large amounts of orders is definitely challenging especially when lacking in manpower. On top of that, accidental packing mistakes are bound to happen when packing in a rush.

What about when you hire extra temporary staff to help with your store’s order fulfillment? These new hires will not be familiar with your store’s fulfillment process. Hence, their packing may be much slower and prone to mistakes.

How can we overcome these order fulfillment challenges?

1. Utilize a system to ensure a smoother item collection process for order packing

If you’re only selling a few products, manually picking and packing your items is still doable. However, if you have over a hundred products in a warehouse, it’s time to reorganize for a smoother fulfillment flow.

With SiteGiant’s Shopee Shipping Label Pro, you can easily identify the location of your items by rack arrangement. On top of that, opt to print and pack orders based on best-selling items. This is a great way to flexibly strategize and arrange the workload to achieve maximum packing capability.

Besides, with the guidance of a system, your staff will no longer face difficulties in looking for the items. You’re ultimately saving a lot of time and effort from these time-consuming processes.

2. Easily identify the correct items to pack for each order

Occasionally, we may accidentally pick and pack the wrong items. This is where SiteGiant’s Order Fulfillment Assistant can be of help!

The Order Fulfillment Assistant tool lets you know which items to pack for each order. You may also use the tool to double check on the item before packing to ensure it is the correct item. This is especially useful if your staff is not entirely familiar with your products.

At the same time, there’s a performance tracker that comes with this feature. You’ll be able to keep a record of your staff’s packing performance and identify the staff who packed the orders respectively.

3. Double check on your orders before shipping out

There may also be times when your customer decided to cancel the order at the last minute. Sometimes, you or your staff may also pack and ship out the same order twice! If you were to ship out these orders without realizing, it would end up becoming a loss for your business. Prevent this from happening with the Carrier Manifest tool.

Always double check on your orders before shipping them out. The carrier manifest will be the perfect tool to warn and notify you of any cancelled or double-packed orders.

If you are interested in effectively improving your order fulfillments, you may consider exploring SiteGiant strategies and tools. SiteGiant is a multichannel eCommerce solution that comes with various powerful features to assist with order fulfillments and store management from multiple sales channels. Come and connect with our friendly consultants to learn more!