Shopee Shipping
Label Pro

50% FASTER than Shopee's normal
fulfillment process

Shopee Shipping Label Pro

Shopee Shipping Label Pro

50% FASTER than Shopee's normal fulfillment process

Shopee Shipping Label Pro

Take a look at these scenarios:

How a normal Shopee seller fulfill Shopee orders:

Shopee sellers need to allocate budget to hire additional staffs to print, cut and match Shopee shipping labels with packing list manually. Not only is the labor cost expensive, but it’s also a waste of time as this slows down the packing process.

How a Shopee seller fulfill Shopee orders with Shopee Shipping Label Pro:
Fulfillment with Shopee Shipping Label Pro

With Shopee Shipping Label Pro, you’ll only need to print, pack and ship! Never need to waste time in matching shipping labels with packing lists anymore. Speed up the packing process and quickly ready your orders for delivery in no time.

Shopee Shipping Label Pro is what you’ll need to speed up fulfillment 50% FASTER than Shopee’s normal fulfillment process!

50% Faster Fulfillment

Introducing Shopee Shipping Label Pro

Shopee Shipping Label
Arrange Shopee Shipment with SiteGiant Lite
Arrange Shopee Shipment in SiteGiant backend

You can directly arrange your Shopee shipment in SiteGiant backend (example: sorting according to courier companies) instead of logging into your Shopee account.

Reduce workload and labor cost

You don’t need to hire additional staff just to do printing and manually match your Shopee shipping labels and packing lists.

Speed up your packing process

You can also print out rack number in the picking list, speeding up the picking process. Save time when it comes to packing as well since you can reduce the time used to do paper sorting.

With Shopee Shipping Label Pro...

Manage shipment from multiple Shopee stores

Easily print all your shipping labels from various Shopee stores through SiteGiant, without having to log in and out of different Shopee accounts. 

No more manual matching

Print Shopee shipping labels together with packing lists without having to print it separately and match it manually.

Avoid double printing

You can check the printing status of the Shopee orders to avoid double printing.

Save time in locating items for packing

The rack number of the product is attached together with the packing list, making it easier to locate your items for packing.

Picking the same products in one go

You can sort and print the shipping labels by quantity or best selling items so that you just have to pick the same item once.

avoid missing shopee shipping label records
Avoid missing Shopee shipping label records

Your Shopee shipping labels will be stored in SiteGiant, unlike the default Shopee system which will remove the shipping labels after the order has been shipped out.

Furthermore, you can...

Choose header logo before print

You can choose to print the shipping labels with only courier company logo or with both courier company and Shopee logos.

Customize sender information before print

This allows dropshippers to change the default sender’s name and phone number before sending out the shipping labels to customers.

Print more items on packing lists

Default Shopee system allows only up to 3 items per list, but now you can print up to 10 items per list.

Supports thermal printer

You can print out your Shopee shipping labels in A6 and quickly get ready for parcel delivery during sales peak season.

Print invoice

You have an option to print out your invoice for filing each time you print your Shopee shipping labels.

Collect items easily

By having item quantity and SKU numbers printed on the shipping labels, it helps in the collection of items for packing.

Speed up your order fulfillment with Shopee Shipping Label Pro today!

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