What An Online Seller Need to Know about Shopee Free Shipping Programmes


Free Shipping is one of the key attractions for buyers to buy on Shopee. As a Shopee seller who just started your selling journey, have you heard of the Shopee Free Shipping Programme? 

In this article, we will share with you about the Free Shipping Programmes offered by Shopee.

What is a Shopee Free Shipping Programme?

Shopee Free Shipping Programme is an opt-in programme that Shopee offers to help Shopee sellers boost seller traffic and sales performance. Generally, there are two types of Free Shipping Programme offered by Shopee; namely, RM 15 Free Shipping Programme and RM40 Free Shipping Programme.

Features RM 15 Free Shipping Programme RM 40 Free Shipping Programme

Minimum Spend

Buyers will need to spend at least RM 15 to qualify for Shopee Free Shipping.

Buyers will need to spend at least RM 40 to qualify for Shopee Free Shipping.



2.12% Transaction Fee + Marketplace Commission Fee* + 4.24% Service Fee

2.12% Transaction Fee + Marketplace Commission Fee* + 2.12% Service Fee


Commitment Period

Min 1 month

Min 1 month

* For more information about Shopee Marketplace Commission Fee, click HERE.

What are the requirements to join the Shopee Free Shipping Program?

To join any of the Shopee’s Free Shipping Programme, there are three prerequisites to be met by the seller.

1) You must sign up for at least one Free Shipping Programme with a Shopee Supported Logistics Partner: 

  • The Lorry
  • City Link Express
  • NinjaVan
  • ShopeeXpress
  • DHL
  • PosLaju
  • J&T Express

2) You must maintain your penalty tier below tier 2.

3) You must have at least one active listing in your shop.

What are the benefits of joining the Free Shipping Programme?

1. Free Shipping is the key marketing message for Shopee’s big campaigns. Buyers will be actively seeking for eligible products under FREE Shipping to find the best deals. 

2. You will get exclusive exposure as Shopee features the Free Shipping Programme participants every Friday.

3. You can stand out from your competitors with a Free Shipping image overlay.

What is the drawback of joining the Shopee Free Shipping Programme?

1. It will impact your profit margins. There are 3 types of fees that will be imposed which are the transaction fee, marketplace commission fee* and free shipping service fee. It is recommended for sellers to understand the charges & fee being imposed before joining it.

In a nutshell, sellers should consider joining the Shopee Free Shipping Programme to boost their store traffic and sales. Connect with us and see how SiteGiant can assist you in simplifying and automating your Shopee store management.