Shopee Automated Dropshipping

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Shopee Automated Dropshipping

Build your business by having multiple agents

build your business by having multiple agents

Take a look at these scenarios:

Comparison between Traditional Dropshipping VS Automated Dropshipping

Traditional Dropshipping Process in Shopee

In this process, it takes 4 steps for a seller to fulfill his dropshipping orders via Shopee. It requires a lot of manual work such as checking comments, jotting notes, sorting out agents’ air waybills and amending agents’ names as well as phone details.

Automated Dropshipping Process in Shopee using SiteGiant Lite
Automated Dropshipping with SiteGiant Lite

Seller only has to configure a one time preset of his agents’ names and phone numbers. The next time the air waybill is tracked to belong to an agent’s order, the details will be auto-amended to the specific agent’s name and phone number.

How does it work?

Shopee Automated Dropshipping - Step 1

Place Order

Get your dropshipping agents to place the orders through your Shopee store.

Sync Order

The received dropshipping orders will be synced into SiteGiant platform for further processing.

Print Shipping Label

SiteGiant platform immediately identifies dropshipping orders and auto-change agent’s name and phone number on shipping label for printing.

Top 5 reasons sellers are using Shopee
Automated Dropshipping

No More Manually Changing your Agent’s Name and Phone Number on Air Waybill

Save your time by systematically managing your Shopee shipments in SiteGiant backend.

No more manually sorting dropshipping air waybill
No More Manually Checking your Agent’s Comments and Sorting Dropship Air Waybill

You don’t have to hire additional workers just for printing and manually matching Shopee air waybill and packing list.

Reduce dropshipping workload
Reduce Human Errors

The more agents you have, the more prone to making errors if you continue using manual processing. With Shopee Automated Dropshipping, it’s automated and error-free!

Track dropshipping agent performance
Track Agent Performance

You’ll be able to track your agents’ performance based on best selling products as well as number of sales per month, and later reward them with better deals!

Time Saving

While your agent details are automatically adjusted in each air waybill, you can spend the extra time gained on your business marketing activities.

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