SiteGiant POS

Unifying your retail and online sales all in one place

SiteGiant POS

Manage your business anytime, anywhere with SiteGiant POS system

Cloud-based POS

Bridging the gap between your retail and online sales with a cloud-based POS system! All your retail and online sales data can be stored and managed all through one place.

Real-time Synchronization

With internet access, all your sales data and stock inventory count will be synced and updated accordingly after every sales purchase made offline and online, across all integrated platforms.

real-time synchronization

Efficient and Convenient

A hardware-less POS system also means you can now manage your business wherever you are! Flexibly access the POS system through a light and portable tablet, which you can carry around anywhere with you.

SiteGiant POS System also comes with...

bluetooth printer

Bluetooth Printing

Simply connect your device with a Bluetooth printer to print the sales receipt for customers.

barcode scanner

Barcode Scanning

Easily scan your product barcodes in store with any available devices such as a hand-held scanner.

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