New Feature Enhancements on the Platform!

feature enhancement updates

It’s time again for updates on the latest development done on the platform!

Let’s have a look at some of the recent new features and enhancements our team has worked on to bring you more functionalities as well as a better experience:

1. SQL Accounting Sync

Easily sync over your online orders into the SQL Accounting Sync, located under My Apps > SQL Accounting for convenient accounts bookkeeping.

2. Listing Scraper Enhancement

You may now utilize the listing scraper tool to scrape products into your webstore as well!

3. Lazada & Shopify Listing View in New Tab

You have the option to view your Lazada or Shopify product listing in a separate tab. Simply right click on the product and select open link in new tab.

4. Default Product Listing Count

For all product listing pages, 30 products will be the default amount to be displayed.

5. Shopee Express (SEA Shipping)

Shopee Express (SEA Shipping) courier option has been added into Shopee Shipping Label for shipping label printing.

6. Fulfillment for NinjaVan Cash on Delivery (COD)

You may now print the order shipping labels for NinjaVan Cash on Delivery in SiteGiant as well.

7. Express Fulfillment feature

Express Fulfillment feature is available for SiteGiant Lite Premium Plan and above.

8. Inventory SKU Limit

The product quota has been replaced with Inventory SKU quota (total amount of inventory items listed in platform).

9. New Shopee API (Version 2)

The Shopee API has been upgraded to Shopee API V2.

If you have not reauthorized your Shopee API, kindly do so to ensure a smooth Shopee sync process in your platform.

10. Item Analysis

You may now analyse and gain further insights on your item sales with the new Item Analysis feature located under Analytics > Item Analysis.

11. Webstore Product Tags

You may now assign custom tags to your products for easy filtering.

How does it work?

Step 1: Create webstore product tag name.

Step 2: Assign tag when creating/editing webstore products.

12. Order Listing Enhancement

Easily filter your orders based on authorized sales channels with these selections:

13. Lazada Token Expiry Reminder

A display showing the number of days left before your lazada token expires will pop up to notify you in advance to reauthorize your token.

Note: Notification will appear for token expiry within 15 days and less.

14. Customize Your Printable Invoice

You may now customize your invoice for printing under Setting > General > Document Template (Invoice).