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One single dashboard for
Shopee & Lazada Sellers like you to

One single dashboard for Shopee & Lazada Sellers like you to

Manage product listing

Manage product listing and

Shopee and Lazada orders

Fulfill Shopee & Lazada

Multiple Shopee and Lazada chats

Reply multiple Shopee
& Lazada customer chats

All in One Place

Top 7 must have tools
for Shopee & Lazada Sellers

Shopee Shipping Label Pro - SiteGiant Lite

Shopee Shipping Label Pro

Manage shipment from multiple Shopee stores

Easily print all your shipping labels from various Shopee stores through SiteGiant Lite, without having to log in and out of different Shopee accounts. 

No more manual matching

Print Shopee shipping labels together with packing lists without having to print it separately and match it manually.

Avoid double printing

You can check the printing status of the Shopee orders to avoid double printing.

Save time in locating items for packing

The rack number of the product is attached together with the packing list, making it easier to locate your items for packing.

Picking the same products in one go

You can sort and print the shipping labels by quantity or best selling items so that you just have to pick the same item once.

Avoid missing of Shopee shipping labels’ records

Your Shopee shipping labels will be stored in SiteGiant Lite, unlike the default Shopee system which will remove the shipping labels after the order has been shipped out.

SiteGiant MultiChat

Shopee AutoBoost

Shopee AutoBoost

Bundle Product

Bundled Product feature
Product Watermark

Product Watermark

Payment Reconciliation

Shopee and Lazada Payment Reconciliation
Carrier Manifest - SiteGiant Lite

Carrier Manifest

All plan comes with these powerful features to overcome challenges of multichannel selling

Auto Migrate Product from Marketplaces

Automatically migrate your products from marketplaces to your SiteGiant Lite store without having to manually create it.

Manage Product Listing

Manage all your product listings in one platform and sync your products easily from SiteGiant Lite to Shopee and Lazada.

Stock Synchronization

Unify and auto-deduct your inventory when a customer places an order in your Lazada or Shopee store to prevent overselling.

Pricing Management

A central place to update and set different product prices for different marketplaces effortlessly.

Order Fulfillment Assistant

Reduce customer’s complaint on sending the wrong item and monitor your staff’s packing performance.

Advanced Reporting

Complete reports on marketplace channel, product performance and dead stock inventory for you to gain insight of your current business performance.

Apart from marketplaces, easily sell on other channels

WhatsApp Commerce
WhatsApp Commerce

Automate and simplify your order taking process via WhatsApp with your own created WhatsApp Order Form for customers to conveniently place order and make their payment.


A mobile-friendly eCommerce is important to help promote your brand and sell your products online. Get your own webstore up and running within minutes, without any IT skills needed.

Are you ready to 2X Simplify your Lazada & Shopee Operation?