Building Successful Online Business – 5 Affordable and Thoughtful Ideas to Thank Your Customers

thank your customers

One can never imagine how far a simple “thank you” can go.

If you’re thinking of ways to maintain customer loyalty, here it is. Customer appreciation can come in many ways. Most of the time, a simple and sincere gesture means a lot.

Customers who feel appreciated will stay much longer and continually support your business. Your amazing customer service will be going around by word of mouth and ultimately create a good name for your brand.

What makes a good “Thank you for your business” message?

1. Personalization

We understand if you would like to keep it formal. However, a little human touch will make a difference in your message to your customer. Always refer to your customer by name and appropriately mention the purchase they made. Most importantly, do not include any promotional message. Keep in mind that you are doing this simply to offer a heartfelt thank you.

2. Show gratitude and spread positivity

You can always be fun and express gratitude in a cheerful manner such as:

" Thank you for your support! Your purchase means a lot to us. Have a great week ahead and we hope your days will be as bright as you made ours. "

" It was an absolute pleasure serving you! Thank you for shopping with us and feel free to let us know if you'll need any further assistance. Hope to see you again soon! "

" Thanks Jane for trusting us! We had so much fun customizing your orders and we hope you'll love them. Looking forward to your visit again some time in the future. "

These messages will not only bring a smile to your customers’ faces but also provide them with a memorable purchase experience.

3. Ask for feedback

Let your customers know that you’re open to listening to their opinions. Encourage them to fill in a survey form or leave a review. This is also a great opportunity to know how well your service or product is. Plus, grow your testimonials

4. Provide support

Always leave your support details or inform customers on the procedures to receive assistance. That way, your customers will be assured that you’ll still be around to provide after-sales customer service whenever needed.

5 affordable and thoughtful ways to thank your customers

1. Send genuine handwritten notes

Handwritten messages are rare these days and that’s what makes them meaningful. You can easily use a nice card or paper to write these thank you notes for customers. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy message as long as you’re able to relay the appreciation to your customer.

2. Include surprise gift or product samples

If you could afford a little more on budget, offering a complimentary gift or product sample will be a good choice. One recommendation is to offer gifts or samples that are related to the purchase made. That way we’ll know for sure that is something the customer may need. Your customers will definitely be delighted to receive these surprise gifts!

3. Promotion codes or coupon vouchers

Giving out special discount rates or claimable offers for the next store visit is also a great idea. Customers know when they are getting a good offer and you can encourage them to revisit your business again.

4. Go a little extra on packaging

A simple packaging versus a beautified packaging speaks volume. Customers will definitely feel happier and much more appreciated if they were to receive their purchases in good-looking packages. Even putting in some effort to tie a ribbon to the package is bound to warm the heart of your customers.

5. Exclusive tips and knowledge sharing

You may opt to share guides and tips to your customers as well. This is yet another way to thank and help your customers out in return. These guides or tips may be in the form of a book, paper or digital video. For example, if you’re selling bakery items, you may provide some recipe instructions based on the products that your customer has bought.

Create a meaningful relationship with your customers starting today and watch your loyal customer base grow in the long run.