AutoCount Sync

Sync your online sales orders into AutoCount accounting software easily

autocount sync

How does AutoCount Sync work?

how does autocount sync work

How does AutoCount Sync work?

how does autocount sync work

4 Benefits of using AutoCount Sync

Increase efficiency in recording orders details into accounting software

Isn’t it tiring having to sit in front of a computer to manually key in your online sales orders, one-by-one? You don’t have to anymore. Just sync all your online orders into AutoCount Accounting Software with just a few clicks!

Increase the accuracy of your inventory data

Your inventory in AutoCount will get updated when online transaction details sync over. This will increase accuracy of your stock level control between offline and online business.

Minimize data-entry errors made by staff

No more having to double-check on your bookkeeping data when you sync over customer payments to AutoCount accounting software. Automating the process not only reduces your workload but also prevents manual input errors made by your staff.

Leverage on AutoCount Reporting System

By syncing all your online orders details over to AutoCount, you can combine transactions of online and offline orders to generate a more accurate report, helping you make the right decision in your business.

autocount reporting system


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