Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Keep track of your online business performance

advanced reporting

6 analytics to uncover practical insights for your online business

Marketplace Channel Report

Generate an overview report and stay updated on the sales performance of each marketplace. Gain further insights on the marketplaces to direct suitable marketing efforts and grow sales.

Order Report

A comprehensive report of your orders and sales within a specific period. Enjoy the flexibility to compare and analyze the report by daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sum.

Products Performance Report
Inventory Performance Report

Identify your top-performing product inventories and where your product inventories are selling best. Utilize this information to know which of them are bringing in profit and always keep them in stock for sale.

Inventory Purchased Report
Inventory Purchased Report

Easily generate a list of product inventories from various sales channels and calculate the amount of items that were sold for each individual product inventory.

Dead Stock Report

Products that are not selling can end up becoming an expense in your business. Keep an eye out for under-performing products that have not been purchased by any customers and strategize to reduce your business loss.

Item Analysis

Get detailed information on your item sales performance with this item analysis report. On top of that, easily filter and focus on specific item data based on sales channel, item SKU and date.

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